Who are we?

ROVOTIC Automation & Robotics Pte Ltd is a premier supplier of world class Automation components and a trusted provider of leading-edge Automation solutions for mission critical applications operate under PT Lauren Teknik Makmur.

Since its inception in 2009, the competent engineer at our company is driven by a singular objective: enable clients to gain crucial competitive advantage and improve business agility through our proven expertise in Automation Support & Solution.

What we do?

Automation Product Design and Development

We design, develop and manufacture computer controlled machinery such as machine visions, robots and factory automation solutions. We have in house electronics, optics and software development capabilities

Parts/Components Fabrication/Machining/Restoration

We have in house advanced machining, fabrication, and restoration capabilities:

– CNC Lathe, milling, plasma, laser and router
– Non-conventional machining such as EDM and ECM
– Metallic, ceramic and composite material deposition
– Treatments: Hardening, annealing, nitro-carburizing, etc
– Casting: Aluminum, brass/bronze, cast iron, steel

Factory Automation and Equipments

We design, develop and manufacture general factory equipments such as conveyors, reactors, boiler, lifters etc.

Here, our scope of work includes:

  • Production Components
  • Project: Conversion from old to new, mechanical to intelligent Solutions
  • Solutions plus Engineering leading to Turnkey projects
  • Reengineering

LED Lighting Product

We design, develop and manufacture LED lighting for industrial and office lighting need


Mr Ferry Gunawan is the founder and director of Lauren Teknik Makmur Company, holds the master’s degrees in electrical engineering  from University of Southern California, Los Angeles, USA on 1996 , his specialisation are Semiconductor and image processing.

He is passionate about robotics and automation technology. This interest was sparked by his early career in Rockwell International Corp, CA, USA  as a System Engineer, During his career at Rockwell from 1996 to 2001 he contributed to develop some Rockwell popular products, including Development of 0.25 micron CMOS image sensor and System designer for world’s first and fastest mega-pixel CMOS image sensor, CNX1280.

He is  later worked at Logitech Inc, CA, USA, He took up the role as System Engineering Manager for several years and played a key role in managing team of engineers to design, develop, qualify and manufacture Logitech cameras and video products.

He held several Management and engineering positions before founding the Lauren Teknik Makmur company, most recently serving as Director of Product Engineering at  Syntax-Brilliant Corp., CA, USA .